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Cornell Versator Rental Program

Through our rental program, The Cornell Machine Company offers Versators and vacuum pumps for in-plant use.

- Install the Versator in your laboratory or plant for samples or production. See firsthand how the Versator will process your material in a research or production setting.

- Rent the Versator for as long as needed with limited obligation. The rental program operates on a monthly basis and continues until the unit is returned or purchased.

- Cornell Machine’s rental Versators are in excellent condition and are well maintained. We do not supply rental units in “as is” condition. Each unit is refurbished after each rental.

- Cornell Machine’s rental Versators have a guarantee similar to a brand new unit and are supplied with operation manuals, drawings, and technical support.

- The rental units can be offered for purchase during the rental. The rental unit which is already installed in your plant can be offered for sale at a discounted price with a rental payment credit.

- The rental units can also be offered for outright purchase at a discounted price with a guarantee and technical support similar to a brand new unit.

Please review our listings and contact us for current availabilities, pricing and all details. Additional units in our inventory may not be shown yet on this listing. Please note that all rental units are subject to prior sale.

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D-8 SS

D-8 Versator Online Listing

Ideal for laboratory, small batches, or lower flow rates

D-16EH Versator Online Listing

Middle size, good for production, large batches, and a variety of materials

D-26LH Versator Online Listing

Largest production size unit for highest flow rates
SIHI Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump Online Listing

Separate vacuum pumps for use with the various sized Versators
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